Incisors Shifted from Impacted Wisdom Teeth Coming in? (photo)

So, I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning(just the bottom two) because they are pushing against my molars, and causing my incisors to shift. My gums around the incisors are swollen, and my front two teeth are causing the gums to separate, leaving no space for gum tissue to grow between them. This has happened once before to my upper teeth, and it was incredibly painful. Braces would solve this right? Just tell me what I need to do.

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Orthodontics For Your Teeth Crowding

Thank you for sending these photos with your question.  I think having your wisdom teeth removed is a wise choice, but I do not think that is what is causing the majority of your crowding. There is simply not enough room in the arches to accommodate all of your permanent teeth.   The only solution for getting your teeth in the correct alignment would be to seek a consultation from an orthodontist and consider wearing braces.  In addition, your gum tissues looked very inflamed from these pictures and you should see a dentist soon for an exam and cleaning.  It also looks as though you are a mouth breather, which can dry out the mouth and contribute to that gum inflammation.  I hope this helps.     

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