How Many Incisions Are Needed for Asian Monolid Eyelid Surgery?

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For Asian Monololid eyelid surgery, usually just a single incision is necessary

For Asian Monololid eyelid surgery, usually just a single incision is necessary.  Non-cutting surgery tends to not work as well.

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Number of incisions for Asian eyelid surgery

For suture -based surgeries, the usual amount is 3-4 small incisions. An incision based surgery will be a single incision that goes the length of the crease.

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Asian Blepharoplasty

It depends on which technique is used.  Generally, only one incision is needed for an Asian Blepharoplasty.  Using the suture method, multiple incisions need to be made.  There are pros and cons to each method.  Please consult with a specialist who can best address your concerns.

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It can be no incision if the closed suture technique is used

Suture technique is the commonest double eyelid operation performed in Asia. Tiny stab wounds are used to place stitches inside the eyelid which are left in permanently. No stitches are left on the skin. 

The open technique uses an incision across the eyelid. And if epicanthoplasty is used, the incision is lengthened in a zig-zag fashion near the nose.


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Only one incision on each eyelid is needed

Usually for Asian eyelid surgery, only one incision made in the crease of each upper eyelid is necessary for the procedure.  The scar is thin and well hidden in the crease.

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Incisions in double eyelid surgery

There are several techniques used to create the double fold: they can be grouped as either suture technique or incison technique. In the suture technique, several tiny "pin prick" incisions are made to create the crease and these incisions are not closed with suture. In the incision technique, a single incision which may comprise an elipse of skin is made at the point of the desired crease and this incision is closed with suture at the end of the procedure. The technique used depends on the patient's anatomy, age and surgical goals.

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Asian eye lid

For Asian eye lid surgery there is one supratarsal fold incision.

If there is an Epicanthal fold that needs to be repaired then another incision for the epicanthal fold, (near the nose fold)

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