Where Are Incisions Made for Liposuction and Fat Transfer to Butt?

Where are incisions made to harvest fat from the tummy and Flanks? also where are the incisions made to transfer the fat into the butt?

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Brazilian Butt Lift Incisions (Lipo and Fat transfer)

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Over the years the number of incision sites require to harvest fat for a Brazilian Butt lift has decreased without compromise of results. There is no absolute number of incisions that need to be made - just enough to give the best result which will vary from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon.  Incisions sites for liposuction are typically very small and made in stealth areas - that is hidden as much as possible. For example inside the belly button, umbilicus, to approach the upper and lower abdomen, just at the pubic hair line for the lower tummy and pubis area, in the groin crease for the inside of the thighs (medial thighs), at the gluteal, buttock, crease for the lower back, in the breast crease for the fat beneath your arm (lateral chest wall), in the crease below your chin for liposuction of the neck. I also like to place them at the edge of a tattoo or in an existing scar (for example C-Section or appendectomy, or mole removal scar) so that they are hidden, or use the open area from an additional surgery I may be doing. For example, during a tummy tuck incisions are made to do liposuction in the area of redundant skin to be removed so that there are no extra scars. I personally do not make incisions but use a needle to make the opening in the skin where special cannulas inject fat completing the Brazilian Butt lift.

Fat harvest and fat transfer incisions

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The incisions from harvesting and injection of fat are usually quite small.  They are usually placed in locations that are not very noticeable.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Incisions for liposuction and fat transfer

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First of all as Dr. Shureih mentioned the incisions are very small and usually heal very well.  Despite their small size these incisions are always placed in areas that are difficult to see.  The location of the incisions depends on the area that will be undergoing liposuction.  Typically I like to do 2 per location as you want to crosshatch the lipo area to obtain the best results possible.  Usually for the flanks you try to hide the incisions in the bikini lines or the umbillicus.  As for the fat transfer to the gluttleal area, the incisions again depend on the areas that require augmenting on your glutteal area.  Usually however, you place them at the folds of your gluttlea area.

Ernesto Hayn, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt enhancement

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Liposuction incision are about 1/8th of an inch or smaller (5 mm).

They are placed in an area near the liposuction area.

The injection of fat need the same size incisions 5 mm

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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