Incisional Hernia Repaired in 1995. Am I NOT a Candidate for Coolsculpting?

I had an incisional hernia that was repaired with mesh in 1995. It is where I want to have the coolsculpting done. Am I NOT a candidate?? I have only read about umbilical hernias. Thank you, Michele

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Coolsculpting after hernia repair

Just because you have had a hernia repair in an area would not preclude you from having Coolsculpting.  You should have the area you wish to have treated examined by the provider treating you to determine if you are a candidate and if any scar tissue in that area would effect your results or effect how the tissue is drawn into the applicator. 

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Hernia contrindication for Coolsculpting.

Typically it is best to not treat over the area where you have the hernia issue. The intense suction and pulling that area up into the device can cause more issues then correction. You could still treat your sides, bra fat or inner thighs though. Coolsculpting really does not have many contraindications but unfortunately that is one of them. 

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Hernias and coolsculpting for fat loss

There might be a theoretical basis for concern to have prolonged suction applied over a repaired hernia, whether mesh was used or not, as the strength of the repaired muscle wall might have lessened since surgery, or the amount of strength provided by the hernia repair might be less than optimal if there was significant damage to the tissues from the hernia. It would be best to check with the general surgeon who performed the herniorrhaphy if they are concerned that the CoolSculpting suction could cause further weakening in the wall.

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Coolsculpting and mesh

Generally speaking, the presence of mesh will not be an issue with the Coolsculpting.  The suction applicator will not pull the mesh into the cup and therefore it will not even have the cooling component on it.  Even if it did cool, it still should not be affected like the fat cells will be.  Ask your ps and go from there

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