Incisional Hernia After Liver Transplant?

My husband had a liver transplant 2 years, 3 months ago. The hernia is at the site of the Y, what organ would be protruding? Hernia in about size of a baseball

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Hernia after transplant

It can be almost any of the abdominal organs or fat.  I recommend a follow up with the transplant surgeon to fix.

Incisional Hernia after Liver Transplant?

Based on your description, your husband will benefit from follow-up with his transplant surgeon  in the near future. The surgeon will likely recommend that the hernia be repaired to avoid serious complications such as incarceration/strangulation of the hernia.

 Best wishes.

Incisional Hernia After Liver Transplant?

This is really not a great source of info for this sort of question, as it is going out to plastic surgeons. Seeing your transplant surgeon will put your husband on track for appropriate evaluation, testing, and treatment if advised. Thanks, best wishes. 

Incisional Hernia after Liver Transplant

  Incisional hernia at the middle of the chevron incision could be alot of things.  Most likely this is omentum, the fatty apron overlying the abdominal organs.  A physical exam is recommended.  From there, it can be determined if imaging is necessary.

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