Where Is the Incision for Smartlipo on the Upper Back?

I was interested in getting a Brazilian Butt lift, knowing that it requires suction of fat from other parts of the area, i want to get my back suctioned... but where would the incision be made at for the upper back if SmartLipo was used? Im located in the Dallas Fort Worth area still looking for a good and affordable doctor. Thanks!!

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Liposuction incisions are usually not very noticeable

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Regardless of whether you have Smartlipo or tumescent liposuction, incisions are usually so small that they are hard to find a year later.  An exception is an occasional type of  ultrasonic liposuction, where the incisions are longer.  Have the doctor draw it out on you and that way you will see exactly the length.  The location may vary if, during surgery, your doctor feels that there is a need to change the site.

Incisions for liposuction of the back

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Regardless of the type of liposuction performed, the idea is to try and hide the incisions as much as possible but to place them in a position that will allow us to suction out the areas of fat we're targeting-- in general, the incisions heal very well over time and are very hard to notice.

Insertion sites for upper back with liposuction

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Whether with conventional tumescent liposuction or smart liposuction, the insertion sites are dependent on your anatomy, the surgeon's preferences, and the typical articles of clothing you tend to wear.  Often we try to hide the insertion sites in areas that garments cover, but of course this is not always possible. You will have to see a surgeon in consultation to determine where the sites will be located. Sometimes during the procedure extra sites are made to facilitate better removal of fat.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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