Incision reopened after stitch removal this morning (photo)

I had my left implant replaced because of a capsular contracture on 4/29 submuscular silicone. I got the stitches removed this morning and then this evening while I was massaging, I say that there was blood and I realized that the incision had opened a small amount. I emailed my surgeon and he told me to cover it in gauze and he is going to re-suture it first thing tomorrow. Is this normal or something that I should be concerned about that will affect my recovery? I am also worried about infection.

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When wounds separate

avoid trying to re-suture the wound tightly as risks for infection are increased due to exposure.  If your wound was closed in layers (as most of us do), it could wait until the morning.  And you should confirm with your surgeon how to massage as most of my massage techniques do not really put any stress on incisions.

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Wound Breakdown

Thank you for picture.  Would breakdown can occur.  It sounds like your plastic surgeon has a plan for this issue.  Just follow his lead.

Good luck.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, M.D., DDS, FACS

How would I treat a Seroma that has turned into scar tissue on my abdomen?

Seek immediate ASAP medical attention for this issue. Like NOW!!! Call for surgeon do not wait.........

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Hello iwasbornadragon, Thank you for your question.

This complication is common and is called wound dehiscence. Is easy to solve. By now aplicate antibiotic ointment, cover with sterile gauze. And you should consult your surgeon immediately.
I'm sure you'll have a good result.
I hope it has been helpful.

Translation provided by doctor:

Esta complicacion es frecuente y se denomina dehisencia de sutura. es facil resolverla. Por el momento aplicate un unguento antibiotico, cubrela con gaza esteril. debes consultar de inmediato tu cirujano. Estoy seguro de que tendras un buen resultado

Espero te haya sido útil.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios

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