Incision Opened 4 Weeks Post Breast Lift.

I had thigh and breast lift 4 weeks ago. After 2 weeks the incision on right breast (vertical incision) opened and started discharging. I saw my ps next day and he made a whole and squeezed my breast and discharged a lot of fluid. He also said that the left one which was more tender may opened and asked me to do the same. But so far it did not. Now my right one is smaller and upper. My ps says the left one by my body circulation becomes soft and smaller and I have to wait. It that true?

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Drainage and open incision after breast lift.

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It sounds like you had a seroma, (collection of fluid), drain on one side (and then left an opening).  The other side may have a seroma that hopefully will get resorbed. It may open like the other one. These things happen with this type of surgery.  Best to continue to work with your plastic surgeon.  Together you will get through the wound healing process.

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Drainage from breast

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Fluid drainage is not uncommon and it can be just on one side. Make sure that your plastic surgeon follows you up closely so that both sides heal well. If you have a wide scar in the future, a scar revision can be performed to improve this.

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Seroma drainage

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Seems like you had a seroma drain on its own which is one of the ways your body handles such situations and is not usually dangerous.  As far as the aesthetic concerns of your breast, it is still early but without pictures hard to give you any other advice but to speak to your surgeon.

Breast lift and issues

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Sponateous drainage is often from a seroma, infection, hematoma, or fat necrosis. Follow closely with your surgeon for further treatment.

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Fluid from incision

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It sounds like you may have had spontaneous drainage of a seroma from your right breast that is now resolving.  You may also have a seroma on the left that has not drained and is making that breast appear larger.  This may reabsorb on its own and allow the breast to even out.  I would continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Incision separation after breast lift

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As long as you didn't have implants put in that might become infected and need to be removed as a result, a separation in the lift incision will heal as long as the tissues are healthy.  It sounds like you have had some fluid issues also and all this needs to be closely monitored by your plastic surgeon.

Breast Lift Complications?

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Thank you for the question.

Superficial separation of incision lines occur after the type of procedures you have had performed. These generally go on to heal without difficulty and without detracting from the end results of surgery.

Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to make precise diagnosis and treatment plans. Since you obviously had enough confidence in his abilities prior to surgery I would suggest that you continue to have confidence in his abilities to manage complications.

Continue to follow closely with him.

Best wishes.

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