Incision on One of my Eyes Has Slipped

I had an bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty done 5 days ago. My incision on one of my eye lids has slipped and my eye lid is drooping more than my other one. I previously could see the end of the thread, now I can't. My eye hasn't been healing like the other eye. It drrops more and seems to have aa small slit that just won't heal. I told my Dr 2 days ago about it and he just told me to let it heal and come in in 3 more days. What should i do? I know there's something not right. Thanks, lori

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It would be nice if your surgeon would see you.

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 An early recheck takes very little time and give a lot of piece of mind.  Honestly what you are trying to describe might be something or it might be absolutely nothing.  That is why you see your surgeon in follow up.  I would call up the surgeons nurse and tell them you are nervous and would like to be seen early.

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Without seeing you it is  difficult to comment. You shoudl foollow closeely with yoru doctor. If you have lost faith then see someone else for a second opinion.

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