Possible For Flanks to be The Incision Location? Female, 30s

I will be getting SmartLipo or a version of it, soon (doctor yet to be determined). I am pretty thin, only a small amount of contouring needed on flanks and front of abdomen. The amount of fat on my "back" doesn't extend all the way around my middle, it's limited to sides and slightly curves around. The last doctor said that he could work on the flanks through incisions in the abdomen/ groin area. Is this common? Thanks so much!

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Creative incision placement for Lipo

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Incisions can be placed in a variety of creative locations.  I routinely place incisions in a location that is well hidden and even the smallest swimsuit.  The key factor in deciding incision placement is the amount and location of the fat that needs to be removed.  In the end, the incisions are so small that I have never had any one complain of their location.  On the flip side, a poorly done liposuction will be likely to yield many more complaints in the location of the incision.  Make sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon with your specific requests.

Insertion sites for liposuction

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Many surgeons are able to modify the placement of their insertion sites depending on the anatomy of a particular patient. Curved cannulae (rods that are used to vacuum out the fat) have helped allow surgeons to place the insertion sites further away from the flank area at times.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposuction of the body

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Small incisions need to be used to gain access for the liposuction procedure.  Sometimes they can be limited to the groin or umbllical region while other times incisions need to be made in the bikini line in the hip region to treat the flank area.

Body Contouring - Is It Possible For Flanks to be The Incision Locations? Female, Early 30s

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Demand flank incisions nicely but firmly if that is what you desire. If no abdominal lipo is being done than why would the doctor use an abdominal incisions? Need better clarification. Be careful out there. 

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