Just have incision double eyelid surgery 3 days ago. Are my eyelids too swollen and too high? (Photo)

I am not sure if my eyelids are too swollen and too high. My upper eyelid is tilting upwards. Is too much fats remomve from my eyelids? Although my doctor says that it is natural, I am in distress now. I cannot imagine it will become natural overtime after the I look myself in the mirror. Please help!

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Double eyelid surgery and eyes swollen

After double eyelid surgery,the swelling can cause the eyelid crease to appear higher than it will be after the swelling subsides. Your surgeon will help guide you.Allow time for healing.

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I am concerned as well.

These just seem too high.  Now here is the thing, you are only three days out from surgery.  So yes you are swollen and that does two things.  It pushes the fold up and the swelling weighs the eyelids down making the platform too long.  Allowing for that, I still agree that it looks like you had a very aggressive upper eyelid surgery. In an double fold situation, it is very important to not make the crease too high.  It is very important to preserve the fold.  What to do?  Please try not to freak out.  Please focus on healing.  You probably did very careful homework on your surgeon.  Lets trust that he or she really do know what they are doing and the issue now is really letting yourself heal.  It can take a couple of months before you will know which direction these eyes will go.  To not let the surgeon mess with your eyelids in an attempt to placate you.  The biggest difficulty will be family and friends who are always busy second guessing the work and this can be very demoralizing.  Please make some space for yourself to heal.  Please consider reposting in a few weeks so we can see your progress.

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Give it more time

Your result is not unusual for being only 3 days out.  The swelling will cause the crease to appear higher than it will end up.  Keep in contact with your surgeon (as it sounds like you have been doing) to keep the dialog going and make him aware of your concerns.  Give it a couple of weeks and you will find that as the swelling abates, the appearance of your eyes will improve drastically.

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