Non Incision Double Eyelid Surgery and EPI (Inner Fold Surgery) Swelling? (photo)

Hello Doctors, So I had non incision (suture) double eyelid surgery w/ inner corner removal surgery. The doctor indicated that the swelling should subside in a week but the swelling is so noticable and it's been almost 3 weeks. See picture below. You can the top lid still really swollen and top of that the scarring from epi is now showing up. What should I do w/ the swelling and the scar? I've heard Kelo Code gel works well w/ scarring. Should I use this or just leave it alone??

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Epicanthoplasty Scar and Swelling after Suture Technique

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The amount of swelling and quality of the scar I see in your picture is normal at this time and you should expect to see further improvement. Even with the suture technique, the swelling may persist for weeks and occasionally for months. The scar may be noticeable for a few months but rest assured that they usually become inconspicuous without using any scar gel or ointment. So be a little more patient and don't be concerned. Your eye looks good now and it will look even better once the healing is completed.



The power of time

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Time is your strongest ally. Unfortunately, everyone heals differently and it is not uncommon to have swelling after asian eyelid surgery for up to 6 months. I would be patient and if you have any concerns with the healing process approach your surgeon. I would also discuss with your surgeon before you start applying any gels that have not previously been approved by him/her.



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