I Believe I Have a Double Bubble 3 Weeks Post-Op Breast Implants, How Can I Tell for Sure? (photo)

My breasts are only 3 weeks old but one of my breasts seriously doesn't look right and my surgeon is dismissing my concerns as theyre so new. I had existing asymmetry in both sizes, this has been amplified which I understood. One crease is about a finger width from the incision, he said it would eventually look more hidden but I can see another crease developing, is this an early stage double bubble? Front on is difficult to photograph but visible from under and when the arm is up.

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Breast implants and double bubbles

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Yes you do have a double bubble but you are early enough after surgery that measures taken could/may make revision surgery unnecessary. Taping and/or bra positioning of the implant this early after surgery could change the implant position and allow the tissue over the lower end of the pocket to stick back down. The longer you wait after surgery to do this the less chance it will have of working. The best person to do and supervise this is your current surgeon. If you do need/get revision surgery it should be some months down the road.

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Looks like a Double Bubble 3 weeks after Breast Augmentation-see your doctor

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I agree the Right Breast does look like there is possibly a Double Bubble after Breast Augmentation.

The key is the transverse line on the lower part of the breast gland a few centimeters above the bottom of the implant-this is likely the Inframammary Crease which was violated during surgery.

Taping the bubble down to lift the implant above the normal crease may (but usually does not) help.

Certainly avoid displacement exercises that push the implant down and wear a bra. Avoid weight lifting and any activity that contracts the Pectoralis chest muscle.

If capsular tissue contracts around the implant the implant may be lifted and the appearance improved.

However correction of the double bubble can be corrected with an internal "pexy' procedure to reconstruct the Inframammary Fold. I would wait 6 months before doing this to see if by chance it does improve.

Breast Augmentation - Double Bubble at 3 Weeks

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It's difficult to make an absolute assessment without seeing what you looked like before and an accurate head-on view now (most of these are from below, looking up) but it is reasonably clear that you have, at this time, a double bubble on your right side.  This most likely represents your pre-existing inframammary crease and if your right breast was smaller than your left, and you needed (and got) a larger implant on that side, then it is to be expected that the inferior (lower) edge of the pocket on that side would need to be placed lower than where your crease was (hope you can follow this!).  If that's the case, and your previous crease was divided vertically in several locations so as to allow it to stretch out over your implant, then your appearance now may be entirely to be expected.  It may just be a question of time to allow the skin (and old IM crease) to stretch out adequately over this implant.  If, however, your right implant is noticeably lower than your left (and remains so) and/or the crease persists, then you may need some sort of a revisional procedure to address it.  I would suggest that you maintain a calm and reasoned discussion with your PS, and try to have this resolved with him or her, as that will be the most expeditious way for you to achieve the results you wanted.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,
Dr. E

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Double bubble

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It does appear that you have a double bubble on the right. I know this can be concerning, but it is a common problem after augmentation that your PS knows how to treat. Right now, you just need to wait while the tissues heal and make sure to follow up with your PS and keep good communication going. 

Double Bubble after Breast Augemtation

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It looks like the lower part of your implant has moved below your breast crease and is causing double bubble. If the crease does not improve, discuss the options with your surgeon.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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3 week post-op double bubble

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It appears you may require a revision in the future.  I recommend waiting until your six months post-op before seeking any revisions.

You will need to have revision

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Your pictures clearly show that you have DB and will need revision. You have mild DB over the right side too.If your surgeon does see the problem ,you need to get a second opinion.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation Results?

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Thanks for the question and pictures.

The area of your concern is visible in the photos. Unfortunately, although your concerns are understandable, there is not much to do at this time but to allow for ongoing healing to occur. Several months from now it will be time to evaluate the final results of surgery and determine the need for revisionary surgery.

It is likely that revision of the breast implant pocket (on the side where the breast implant has settled down too far inferiorly)  will be necessary to improve symmetry of the breasts (inferior capsulorraphy).

Until  them I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Double bubble early problem possible solution

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 You have a double bubble that appears to be from a combination of the crease being too low and some breast tissue sagging off of the implant.  The implant appears to be submuscular.  This usually occurs when there is some pre-existing breast sagging or looseness of the breast tissue.  This may improve with time using a tight fitting bra supporting the intended inframammary crease.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Double bubble

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It is difficult to say for sure what is going on from these photos views which are all shot from below with your arms up.  There seems to be a suggestion of a double bubble, but thismay stretch out with time since it is only 3 weeks post-surgery. At this point, it is a wait and see thing.  Give it a few months.  If it doesn;t improve, then you  may need surgery to reset the fold and possibly use a smaller implant.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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