non-incision blepharoplasty - significant swelling (photo)

I had my eyelid surgery 4 days ago and I still have a significant amount of swelling. The swelling has not subsided and it's making me nervous since I read online that a lot of the swelling goes away in a few days. I also have a lot of bruising making one eye really purple. Is it possible that I have too much fat in my eyelid to cause this slow/lack of reduction in swelling ? (Before this surgery my left eye had a very faint eyelid and was a tad droopy).. the doctor said that although it wouldnt completely make my eyes even, it would improve the look of my eyes . ..please help

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That asymmetry after eyelid surgery should get better with time.

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There is a definite asymmetry in eyelid position in the picture. Much or all of this may be due to swelling. It resolves symmetry should be reestablished.

Swelling following blepharoplasty

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Swelling and bruising generally resolve in 1-3 weeks in an upper blepharoplasty. Your pictures show a normal post operative result at 4 days. Just be patient.

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