Incision bleeding and yellow dried puss? (photo)

So this is how my incision looks. I am 4 weeks post op now. Please advise in the below: - bleeding from 2 areas - yellowish dried areas - why is it too black around those red and yellow areas Thanks a lot in advance

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Wound healing issues

It looks like you are having wound healing issues that should be followed and addressed by your plastic surgeon. They look like they will utimately heal, however.

Open areas of tummy tuck incision appears to be healing

Thank you for your question and photograph. There are small open areas on your tummy tuck incision. However the red tissue is normal because the open areas must have clean red tissue for new skin cells to grow over the area. The darkness you see around the incision is probably hyperpigmentation due to the inflammation but I cannot tell from a photograph and it would require a consultation and person.Be sure to see your plastic surgeon who performed the surgery and follow his or her advice.

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