Is Invisalign Teen a Good Choice for an Athlete?

i play basketbal and swim i was wondering if it is a good choice compared to braces that cut the mouth

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Yes teen invisalign is great for athletes...

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If you get hit in the face with a ball while wearing the brackets your lip will be cut. If you were wearing the aligners it will help protect your teeth from fracture and chipping and kinda act like a mouthguard.

Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign Teen vs. Braces for Teen Athlete

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I understand your concern about braces cutting your mouth when you are playing sports.  Invisalign Teen works well for moderate (not severe) cases.  The biggest problem with Invisalign Teen is that it is very very difficult to get a young person to wear the trays all of the time, day and night.  Because the trays are removable, a teen may choose to not wear them all of the time.  When this happens, the teeth do not get straightened, and parents get angry with dentists because the problems did not get fixed.  You should consult with your dentist (or orthodontist who provides both Invisalign Teen and traditional braces) and see what they say.

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