How Many Inches Can Matter Move on Body? Had Breast Lift Revision and Doc Says it Migrated? (photo)

I had a revision to lift my right breast a tad -- only Dr.lifted way too much and won't admit it. I'm now 3 months post op and Dr. insists it will magically migrate south. Even accounting for the laws of gravity, I don't expect incision site and fold to relocate by an inch. It's a stationary sutured, object. It's like saying my nose could slip down my face an inch. How do surgeons get away with saying such patently absurd things? Look at my photo. Isn't it clear that my surgeon is lying?

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Revision breast lift was "way too much ."

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I'm sorry to hear of your obvious dissatisfaction, but even more so your anger towards your surgeon. It's almost like you have decided that s/he decided to "punish you" for getting revisionary surgery by intentionally "messing your results up!"

I don't know the training, skill, or experience of your surgeon (or even if you chose one who is ABPS-certified), but I know of very few who would intentionally do wrong or lie to their patient.

What is "patently absurd" is that you have chosen a surgeon to operate on you and re-operate on you (presumably because of education, training, and experience), and now you have decided to second-guess plastic surgical decision-making that you have no education, training, or experience with other than your own personal situation.

Please, I'm not saying this to be nasty or mean, but if you were too low to start with and requested a revision, a certain degree of over-correction is both appropriate and prudent. The amount of over-correction is always a judgement call, just as was the initial creation of your implant pockets.

At 3 months, you may be correct in feeling that 1 inch more drop will not happen, but it depends on how low you were prior to this re-operation, the thickness and pliability of your capsule (how well it might hold sutures), the degree of stretch your tissues and scars will undergo over time, and the individual factors at the time of your first and second surgeries.

I tell you this because 3 months is too early after surgery to say "This is my final position." Gravity will indeed work 24/7 during the next 6-9 months, and scar tissue will soften, mature, stretch, and position will change. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much.

But your surgeon is not asserting something that is "patently absurd" nor is s/he "lying to you." Honest.

You could be absolutely right that you will NOT drop enough to achieve the "perfect" symmetry you apparently feel entitled to, but you might be wrong too. All I'm saying is it's way too early to be this upset and nasty (even if it's online) to your surgeon! You chose him or her for a multitude of reasons; you owe it to yourself to trust in that judgement and give your surgeon the benefit of the doubt here. Besides, if you need or want a third revision to improve your outcome, you will catch more accommodation with kindness than with anger and blame.

No surgeon anywhere has received his or her "Perfection Badge" in the mail, and the vast majority of us really care about our patients, their results, their happiness with our care of them, and their good will, referrals, and acceptance of our imperfections. We also really prefer if you tell US when you're angry or upset, rather than "flaming us" online anonymously. We want to make it right, and most of us will bend over backwards and try to achieve what you want. It's not "magic," it's good care.

Please wait another 6-9 months before you proclaim this a failure. You just might be surprised, but I can virtually guarantee that if you are, you won't "admit it" and be online to retract your words. You have my kindest best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Lift revisions

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I agree that the incision site and inframammary fold will not move.  However, looking at your pictures I do not think your right breast is too high.  In fact, I think both nipples should be moved towards the midline and a little higher to produce increased projection.  Over time, the breast tissue can stretch and migrate inferiorly.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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