9 Inch,deep Benign Lipoma- 9 Month Wait Til my Delivery, Can It Change into Liposarcoma

I have soft movable, smooth, not painful benign lipoma on my back touching my armpit. I started noticing it from 7 -8 months. I had ultrasound and MRI scan. Hospital had Multidiciplanary team meeting review in sarcoma unit. It came as 9 inch, deep in the skin. They advised me to remove it but I just found out I am preganant. I cannot have it removed under general Anasthesia. Is it safe to wait for 9 months. What are the chances of turning into liposarcoma. what should I do.

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Lipoma and Pregnant?

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Thank you for the question.

As you know, lipomas are the most common benign tumors  and are composed of adipose tissue. Malignant transformation of lipomas to  liposarcoma  it is extremely rare ( and controversial). It is very likely that you will do well waiting until after you have delivered to have it removed.

Keep in mind, that my suggestion above does not constitute formal medical advice;  it seems like you are in the hands of multiple capable physicians who know your situation best ( and therefore can advise most precisely).

Best wishes with the remainder of your pregnancy.


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