Am I in a weird healing phase? (photo)

I had perfectly symmetrical breasts before my augmentation. If there was any asymmetry it was invisible to the naked eye. At this point I'm about 7 weeks post op now my breasts are crooked.

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Am I in a weird healing phase?

You had asymmetry in your before photo so I do not agree that you initially had NO asymmetry. Thus only fat grafts or additional surgery can correct..

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Asymmetry of Breasts?

Thanks for the pictures. They are not the best pictures to judge for symmetry.  It does appear that your left breast does have a different shape and volume.  Speak with your PS to get advice from this point.

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Am I in a weird healing phase? (photo)

This sometimes happens as the breast implants are setteling. Ask your surgeon if a breast band would be useful. 

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Am I in a weird healing phase?

Your concerns regarding breast asymmetry after breast augmentation surgery are understandable, based on the photographs you have posted. Hopefully, this breast asymmetry is secondary to differential breast implant “settling”;  it is not uncommon for breast implants to “settle” at different rates after breast augmentation surgery. Hopefully, with time the higher breast implant will “catch up” to the breast implant that has descended already. If not, and you remain displeased with the breast asymmetry over the longer term, revisionary surgery will be an option.

 Of course, your plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with more specific answers to the cause of breast asymmetry at this point.

 Best wishes for improved symmetry with time and a Happy New Year!

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