In Getting a Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Butt Grapt, Can You Use the Fat from the Tummy Also?

I want to get a tummy tuck and butt lift. I heard that the fat from your waist and back is used to transer to butt. What about the fat in the tummy?

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Tummy fat can be used for a Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation

During a tummy tuck a significant amount of fat may be removed from the tummy area. This fat can be re-used during the same procedure to increase breast or buttocks size.

The fat procurement should be performed prior to the fat being removed for the tummy tuck, and treated appropriately in order for the Brazilian butt lift or the breast lipotransfer to be successful.

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Fat from the Tummy Tuck for a Butt Lift

Fat from the abdomen can be used in fat grafting to the buttock but it does require an extra re-positioning step during the surgery since the fat has to be harvested with you laying in the supine position-that is laying on your back-then turning you into the prone position-face down-and then returning you to the supine position for performing the tummy tuck.  All of this re-positioning does required more time which is why if the patient has enough fatty tissue on their back and waist, many plastic surgeons will not use the tummy fat.  Discuss this with your plastic surgeon who can advise you if you will need to use any of the fat from your tummy and if so, how much extra time will be required.  Hope this helps.

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