Im in the Military and I Want to Know Can I Work out 27 Days After BBL? (photo)

I am a Marine and the workouts we do are like no other military branch. i want to knw can i work out if i only had 27 days of rest? and is it possible to get my waist down from a 33 to a 26 but still keep my butt at a 41 just more rounder and sexy.

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Marine workout after BBL

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Yes, Marine you can go ahead and work out.  If you have had a non complicated procedure you can do whatever you want for PT at this point.  Being that I was stationed with  at 29 Palms a long time ago I understand the extreme heat you face.  So take it easy at first so you get reacclimated to the brutal temperature.

Good luck and thank you for your question.

Semper Fi,

Anire Okpaku MD FACS


Miami Plastic Surgeon

Can I work out 27 days after a BBL?

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Most patients who undergo the BBLcan return to ( non-strenuous) work in about 1 week, Exercise can be started gradually after 2 weeks. Most patients can resume their pre-op exercise regimen after about 6 weeks. You should be able to do many of the exercises required for a Marine but you may still feel sore and not be ready for the rigors required of a Marine after just 4 weeks. You need to have an alternate plan if you are not quite ready after just 4 weeks. Good luck!

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