In Search for Craniofacial & Dental Team to Repair Facial Disfigurement Please

in search for craniofacial&dental team to repair facial disfigurement due to a past surgery that went wrong. im a 47yr single mom of 3 beautiful children & have become a prisoner of my home for the last 3+yrs due to my lack of self esteem. is there any surgical team that is willing or could help not just myself but my 3 children give them there mom that was sooo outgoing back to them..please if you could help me restore my smile & my upper lip back to what it once looked like would mean the world to us!

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Dentist to Repair facial injury

I'm not sure exactly what kind of treatment you had, nor which city you live in, but most larger cities have teams of dentists, oral surgeons, and plastic surgeons that are designed to help patients with challenging situations such as yours.  Your best bet would be to start by contacting the teaching hospitals in your area for advice on your next best step.

Good luck, and know there is a solution when you find the right team of healthcare professionals to help you.

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