I Am in Need of a Panniculectomy, I Am Low Income Full Time Student, is There an Insurance Best to Get This Covered? (photo)

I have lost over 200+ pounds and still have a bit to go on my journey but I am in great need of a panniculectomy to help with being able to increase my activity, i.e sit ups. I get horrible rashes when I work out as well and the pain on my hips/back and shoulders from the heaviness only in my front makes it very hard to keep up with a weight loss routine . I am a full time student also so I am wondering if insurance is worth even getting, and if so what insurance coverage would be best

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Abdominal Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

Morbid obesity and subsequent massive weight loss causes significant changes to the body. While many of these changes can be reversed with weight loss alone, there are areas of the body that will remain unsightly despite improvements in health. One such area is the abdomen. Following massive weight loss--either from gastric bypass surgery or from diet and exercise alone--the abdomen often develops a pannus (or fatty apron): hanging abdominal skin over the groin region. The abdominal pannus can lead to difficulty exercising, skin problems, and infection (panniculitis). In order to treat the abdominal pannus, a panniculectomy is required. This involves an incision from hip bone to hip bone, removal of the unwanted tissue, and suture closure of the wound over drains. This procedure requires a hospitalization and is generally covered by insurance. In order to address residual fullness of the upper abdomen, a vertical scar must be added to the procedure. This component of surgery (a vertical or fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty) is not covered by insurance. In fact, surgery on the other areas of the body affected by massive weight loss, are generally not covered by insurance. A breast reduction may be an exception to this rule. It is best to prioritize your concerns and seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine a safe and appropriate treatment plan that is right for you.

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