Why Am I Not in Pain? Full TT and MR 9 Days Ago? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair 9 days ago. Since day 1 I have felt no pain! It pulls at the incision slightly if I end up in the wrong position but I have never had any ab pain. Very quick I was independent and never took pain relief and slept in my own bed right away. I never needed help getting up or down and could do house work at PO day 4. I was prepared for hell but i have honestly felt no pain? Why is this?!

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Why Am I Not in Pain? Full TT and MR 9 Days Ago?

Congratulations on your relatively smooth course. Every patient has a different response to surgery; it appears that you are fortunate and that your recovery has been relatively pain-free. Make sure that you do not overdo your activity;  is not unusual for patients to experience a physical or emotional  “setback” when they do so.

 Best wishes.

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Why Am I Not in Pain? Full TT and MR 9 Days Ago?

Every one senses things differently. Most surgeons will remember patients who had a small skin lesion removed who asked for narcotics and then refills, and then the occasional patient like you who flies through a major procedure with hardly a complaint.

I would caution against too much activity. Just because it doesn't hurt, does not mean that the strength of the healing incisions progresses at a more rapid rate.

All the best. 

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Painless Tummy Tuck

-Congratulations to you!  Having some pain after a tummy tuck with "muscle repair" is expected.  The fact that you have such minimal pain is great news!

-Several factors can contribute to the pain that a patient will feel after a tummy tuck.  Some patients have a higher tolerance for pain than others.  Additionally, different types of local anesthetics can be used by the plastic surgeon to decrease pain.  Pain pumps may help, and more plastic surgeons are beginning to use Exparel, a long-acting injectable anesthetic, that can really cut down on postoperative pain for a few days.   Additionally, some tummy tucks are more extensive than others, depending on the preoperative condition of the abdomen, so this could contribute also to the amount of pain a patient experiences.

-Lastly, although you aren't having pain, I would still take it easy, and avoid heavy lifting for a few more weeks, as you don't want to hurt the repair that was performed; definitely follow your plastic surgeon's advice on activity...

-Thanks for sharing!

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