Why Am I in So Much Pain? (photo)

Im a 41yo,wf..I hade silicone implants five yrs ago. I didnt realize till last couple of days that sqezzing in my chest was probably frm implant. They both have been very sore last couple of weeks. Today I woke in horrible pain,right implant at chest wall,under my arm. Im very scared!

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Pain in breasts following implants 5 years earlier.

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You need to see your plastic surgeon for an evaluation. Many issues could cause the pain from capsular contracture secondary to silicone rupture, breast tumors, or musculoskeletal pain. The point is that you have new symptoms and they are sever enough for you to reach out for help on this forum. That only warrants a visit to your doctor.

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Painful Breasts

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You should see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible for assessment.  Certainly, a capsular contracture is a possibility.  This can either be treated with surgery or certain medications can be tried such as vitamin E and Singulair.  In your case where the breasts are painful (grade 4 capsule) surgery is likely the best bet.

Many other possibilities exist, so you should seek medical attention in your area ASAP.

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Paint in breasts

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Pain in the breasts may suggest a capsular contracture, but if could many other things. best to see your surgeon.

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Pain and distorted breasts

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indicate capsular contractures.  While all implants have a capsule around them (think of a small sac around the implant), sometimes that thin and mobile sac starts to change and become thick and tighten around the implant.  Depending upon the thickening and squeezing, the implants become very distorted and may even be stuck in the wrong position.  If your original surgeon is not available, you should be seen by a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.  In general, if you are having pain, the capsules must be opened up and removed, with replacement of the implants, or fat grafting, or just taking the implants altogether. Good luck and I hope you get taken care of quickly.

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Pain after breast augmentation

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From  your pictures it looks like your breast implants were placed under the muscle and are now distorted by capsular contracture.  You might want to try an oral medication called Accolate (an asthma pill that can help soften breast capsules); you may ultimately require a revision surgery to release the tight breast capsules.

Breast Implants Firm and Painful?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Based on your description, you may be dealing with breast implant encapsulation (capsular  contraction).  I would suggest that you seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons in your area.   These consultations will serve to provide you with a diagnosis and treatment options.

 Best wishes.

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