In-office Teeth Whitening. What Are My Options? Is There A Technique That Will Match My Existing Caps/Crowns?

What are the various professional in-office teeth whitening available? I have read about one that uses a red light - is this the latest and are there advantages to it? Can any of them be controlled to a certain whiteness? I want it to match existing caps/crowns.

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In-office Teeth Whitening. What Are My Options?

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 To meet your teeth whitening needs,there is two different, but highly effective options for teeth whitening: In-office teeth whitening with Boost, and take-home whitening with Opalescence.

Boost teeth whitening is convenient for people who need to get their whitening done now. The procedure requires just one one-hour appointment, after which you will have significantly brighter teeth. Opalescence teeth whitening is the brand of our take-home whitening kits. The initial appointment for getting these kits is shorter, but it takes longer to get final results. Instead of getting results immediately after the first appointment, it takes several weeks of wearing the trays (mostly at night) to see final results. Sometimes we recommend that patients use these treatments in combination so that they can get both immediate results and better results overall. With both treatments the dentist can monitor the color of your teeth so you don't pass the color of your existing crowns, unless you want them replaced.

Fairfax Dentist

Whitening Options

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We offer the following choices:  1-Tres White Over the Counter Whitening Trays by Opalescence-Good for minor whitening and up keep.  2-Custom Whitening Trays-You take home the trays and whiten during the day and or night until they match your crowns  3-Boost Whitening by Opalescence-In office-Strong peroxide whitening gel placed on teeth-the teeth are  isolated professionally-At least 2-3 sessions-No light.  Great beginning to whtiening but you still  must use custom whitening trays and can decide when you are done when they match your crowns.  4-Kor Deep Bleaching- In office and take home process.  Hope that helps-

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Take-home custom trays are your best bet for matching existing crowns

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All in-office whitening systems are virtually the same. They all use a concentrated peroxide gel that sits on the teeth. The light/laser is mostly for show and has been demonstrated in studies that it has no effect in the whitening. There is not much control on how much or how little the teeth will whiten.

You will have much better control using custom made take-home trays, where you can control gradually how much the teeth whiten. You can actually achieve much whiter teeth this way.

The best would be to whiten the teeth first and then if your crowns do not match, change out the crowns for the new color.

Good luck

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

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Can In-Office Teeth Whitening Match My Existing Caps/Crowns?

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While there are many different commercial brands available for in-oiffice whitening, they are all based on very similar chemicals (bleaches). There is NO system that can predict exactly what shade your teeth will lighten to. And remember, there will always be an immediate rebound within 24-48 hours from the level of whitening achieved while you are still in the chair.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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