In NYC and Uninsured. Desperately Need Reduction from 32j to DD. Is This Possible and What Are the Costs?

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Breast reduction can be done in plastic surgery teaching clinic.

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1)  In a teaching program, the surgery is done by residents under supervision, and this is a safe option.  We run one at Lenox Hill Hospital.  It should cost you around $3000.  It sounds like you need it.

2)  Breast reduction by a board certified, experienced plastic surgeon will cost you at least $10,000, because you have to pay for a board certified anesthesiologist, and for an accredited operating room and recovery room.

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Uninsured breast reduction

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Breast reduction is an expensive procedure--at least 12,000 starting from a J cup. If you qualify for a low cost insurance program sponsored by the state, that would be wise. Otherwise, even the academic programs are not inexpensive. Best of luck.

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