Where Can I Go to Check my Implants for Rupture After Car Accident?

The implants are silicone and I've noticed bruising and tenderness. I'm hoping it's just in my head... but feel that I should be proactive in getting checked out. But I'm not even sure where I would start and who I should see to get checked out.

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Check out implants

If you sustained trauma and were adequately worked up for that, then at this point you shoudl see your plastic surgeon first.  An MRI can be offered to get a definitive answer.  Good luck.

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Implant failure concerns

Dear Monion,

I think it is wise to be proactive. An MRI is our best diagnostic test to evaluate the condition of your gel implants.  Your plastic surgeon would probably assist in getting the study ordered   Best wishes


Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon
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Rupture Silicone Gel Implants?

I'm sorry to hear about your recent car accident.  The place to start would be with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon for in person examination. It's always best to start with a good history and physical. An MRI study may be necessary to rule out clinically silent silicone gel breast implant leakage.

Best wishes.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Detection of Implant Ruture

When the implants are saline it's really easy to tell because they reduce in volume as the saline is absorbed. But with silicone the gel all stays in the area and does not leave so it can be very difficult to know if there is a leak in the implant. Mammograms are not usually helpful. The best test is an MRI which is pretty expensive but your auto insurance will probably cover it for you.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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