My Natural Lip Has A Lump That Won't Go Away, Are Implants An Option?

I have had this growth on my upper lip for almost 5 years now. It started off small and got about the size of a tack head. It's really embarrassing. At times it will be smaller in size and if I get particularly hot from the weather it seems to swell up more. I've tried ice before I go out to decrease it. It feels like a very soft bump on my lip. I have insurance and wonder what I could do or even where to go?? Is a lip implant an option? I can email pics if needed.

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Lump on lip

It is difficult to give you much information without seeing a picture of the problem.  To me, it sounds like the first order of business would be to find out the cause of the growth and treat that before putting in any lip implants or injectables.   This is especially true since you state that the size of the growth varies with differing conditions.

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