What Can Be Done in my Situation? (photo)

I had an ear reduction surgery before 8 months ( reduce the actual size 7.2 cm to 6.5) In london , but i made the biggest mistake in my life They look so unnatural, big scar, ugly shape.feel pain every day Every second in my life I feel i'm living a nightmare , i prefer to die rather dealing with this painful situation every day As you can see in photos theres no space in the hilical rim Is there anything can be done( make space,make scar less visible) after what i did to my self !!? Thanks

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Unhappy with otoplasty/ear reduction

It is unfortunate you are feeling this way and I hope you have been in communication with your surgeon.  If your surgeon isn't willing to discuss options with you, seek a second opinion with a doctor skilled at revising otoplasties.  Your scars will improve with time.  Your ears don't appear awful from your photos.  Pains do get better too.  So you also have to check your motivations for not liking your results as it would help your surgeon better understand where you are are coming from

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What Can Be Done to improve appearance after ear reduction surgery?

It is always best to return to your original surgeon.  If this isn't possible, you should seek an experienced surgeon who would be comfortable revising your scars and adding cartilage  to improve your helical  rim contour.


John F. Reinisch, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Questions about shape of the ears and pain after an otoplasty

The appearance of your ears does not look bad.   The pain you are experiencing is unusual.  You should follow up with your plastic surgeon for advise on moving forward.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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