Am I a Candidate for Invisalign if I have Sensitive Gums and 3 Root Canals?

I'm in my mid 40s and considering Invisalign treatment. I have sensitive gums and already have 3 root canal. I'm thinking of this treatment because my dentist is offering me a vey good deal to take care of crowding in my lower jaw. I'm happy with my smile and everything. I'm also considering this hoping this will prevent age related shifting of teeth as so apparent in my mom. I'm looking for a second opinion considring my sensitive gums and teeth and 3 root canal . Thanks. - busymom. I'll add picture soon.

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Sensitive teeth and Invisalign Treatment

If your root canal treated teeth do not have any symptoms and your root canals are done well, Invisalign treatment will not worsen the situation. However, if your root canalled teeth are sensitive, they need to be evaluated prior to the Invisalign or any form of Orthodontic treatment.

As per overall sensitivity of your teeth and gums, if it is coming from gum disease and/or bone-loss, the condition needs to be evaluated and stabilized prior to Invisalign. If gum recession is causing sensitivity, and if it is due to traumatic bite/jaw relationship, successful Invisalign treatment followed by a bite appliance may help prevent more recession and sensitivity.

Hope this helps. Good Luck with your treatment!


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Sensitivity and Invisalign

I wish I could give you a more comprehensive answer, but it is hard without pictures.  First, root canal treated teeth should have no sensitivity.  SOmetimes they don't move well with orthodontic forces though and you should be aware this could create a problem with your invisalign treatment.  Sensitivity is usually from recession with the roots becommoing exposed.  A variety of factors can casue recession.  I would recommend you do procedures not because they are a good deal, but because they are proper sequence and make sense for your health.  Get opinions from a few guys.  It's just good practice.  If you have recession casuing the sensitivity, you may neeed gum grafts before the invsalign.  Hope this helps good lucK!

Lawrence Singer, DMD
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Sensitive gums need to be resolved first before Invisalign.

Ask your dentist what is causing the gum problems and then let him or her fix it. Maybe its from root exposure? and not the gums at all...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
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