In March I Had Upper Eye Lid Surgery and Still Having Blurred Vision and Some Burning in the Eyes?

I had upper eye lid surgery in march and was allergic to the iodine used before surgery.I am happy with the results except for I am having blurry vision and my eyes very sensitive to sunlight and still burn. My plastic surgeon who is board certified assures me that my vision will return to normal. He says I still have swelling in the eyes. He did prescribe steroid pills for a week for the itching, burning, swelling of the eyes. It helped but I still can't see as before. Should I be worried ?

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Burning following upper eyelid surgery

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The only thing I would be concerned is if your eyelids are closing completely when your eyes are closed. Have someone check. If they do not, see your surgeon. Also you can use liquid tears or ointment at night for a while.

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