I've Had in an Infection for Like a Month What Should I Do ?! Yellow Fluid Coming out .

I got my silicone 600cc under the muscle . On July 23 2013 around August 20 ,2013 my incision started leaking yellow fluid and my boob was warm and redish . There was a lot of yellow fluid coming out . I was scared I thought implant opened . . They told me it was a infection . They gave me antibiotics . They told to me to follow up with my po . He also told me to keep taking the pills It's been a month now I'm still leaking not as much but still leaking & still a little redish What should I do!

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Implant infection vs. suture knot infection

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If your entire breast is tender then you have a real problem.  In this case the implant is likely infected and needs to be removed.  This may also be just an infected buried absorbable suture.  In this case the suture knot needs to be removed.  

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Sarah...The story you posted concerns me.  If you have long term drainage through the wound you show in the photos, even if it's clear, then this needs to be addressed.  Although I can't get too specific without examining you, this does not seem like an issue that will resolve just with antibiotics and time.  If this is what your doctor is suggesting then there may be more to the story than I can tell from your description and photos...but if this is the plan then I would certainly suggest that you seek the opinion of another surgeon...just the fact that you're posting this on this forum tells me that you're concerned.  Another doctor may suggest the same treatment- but then you'll proceed with more confidence.  Good Luck!...Dr. Newman

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Infection after breast augmentation

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Infection after breast augmentation is uncommon, though it can happen. Your drainage is worrisome and requires continued close attention by your surgeon.

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Leaking fluid and redness after breast implants is a serious sign you should see your plastic surgeon immediately.

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Thank you for your question and photographs. Leaking fluid and redness after breast implants is a very serious sign. You could have an infection but also could be at risk of an extrusion or loss of the breast implant. It is an emergency and you should see your plastic surgeon right away.

Breast implant infection is rare and often leads to removal of the prosthesis.

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From the photograph I cannot tell whether or not you have active ongoing infection. After antibiotic trial if the infection persists the implant should be removed and reinserted much later after healing is complete.

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