I Will Be in US for Few Days, I'm Doctor and Would Like to Know How or Where Can I Buy Polidocanol?

I Will Be in US for Few Days, I'm Doctor and Al Wold Like to Know How or Where Can I Buy Polidocanol

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Polidochanol for sclerotherapy - Buffalo Niagara NY

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Polidochanol is used for traditional sclerotherapy or foam sclerotherapy.

Watch our video clips on the link below for our technique. 

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Polidocanol Purchases

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Thank you for your question. The best place to get this would be through the company or distributor. You can try to call your nearest vascular surgeon, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon, and they will either know where to get it or have it available. You should plan to have your credentials and ID available.  I do not know the federal or state laws regarding reselling pharmaceuticals.  In some states, this is not permitted.  Hopefully you will be in a state where reselling is permitted. I hope this helps.

Polidocanol foam injections for spider veins

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Polidocanol and STS are both viable options for spider veins in the legs.  Treatment is usually performed using a foam technique. Surgery90210

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