In Need of a DR Who Can Prescribe Accutane for my Cystic Ance?

I have Cystic Ance for over 10 yrs and have exhausted all my options.. I've use antibiotics such as doxcycline, ( the entire family). I also have use topical antibiotics, Benzaderm wash and Differin Gel. No improvements

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Accutane for cystic acne

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Technically all derms can prescribe Accutane, but it's a matter of choice whether they do or don't do it. The iPledge program that you have to comply with as a prescriber and a patient is a beast and many small offices simply choose not to prescribe Accutane because of the ordeal. If you look on the RealSelf site you can see physicians near you and see if they list Accutane under their names. You can also call local offices by you and ask if those dermatologists prescribe Accutane. Sometimes it's hard to find someone, but it is worth it for many, many patients who don't get good results from other meds and topicals.

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