Am I in danger and Will my tummy be flat?

I ad abdominal plasty 2 mnth ago but the muscle repair came undone, 2 weeks ago I had abdominalplasty with lipo, few days Ater had a small haematoma nd had it drained, a week later Im losing dark blood where the drain was put, Ive been several times to my ps but he says that it's ok, I bleed everyday sometimes a lot but he says it will stop alone. What is happening? will my tummy be flat when the bleeding finally stops , as there is still swelling more on the right side where the haematoma was.

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Am I in danger and Will my tummy be flat?

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It does not sound like you are in any danger. I am not getting from the narrative the amount of blood loss. What you call a lot may seem minor to me, or may seem alarming.

Without photos it is hard to predict or even comment upon contour improvement. I would note that a hematoma can be associated with longer lasting swelling.

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