In Case a Woman Has Breasts Which Are Only Asymmetrical but Same Areola Size and Nipple Height, What Do You Recommend?

Hello, Six months ago , a plastic surgeon reduced the size of my left breast using liposuction alone. I was naive and thought he knows what he's doing. But now I think what I really needed is breast reduction surgery as my left breast is still slightly bigger and hang lower. However, the areola is of the same size and nipples heights are identical. Just wanted to know whether there is a need to cut around the areola if I do a breast reduction surgery. I'm not concerned with scars as I heal well

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Breast asymmetry and type of reduction

I am not a big fan of liposuction of the breasts in general. As a surgeon there is very little control of the final shape without controlling the skin envelope as well. An exam will help determine the best solution. Good luck.

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Correction of Breast Asymmetry and Necessary Incisions?

Thank you for the question.

To give you precise advice, direct examination and a full discussion of your goals would be necessary. However, generally speaking, if you are pleased with the position and size of your nipple/areola complexes,  then incisions around the areola are not necessarily required. 

It may be beneficial in your case to “customize” in operation that will help improve your breast symmetry and minimize incision/scars to only what is necessary.

In-person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons may be helpful to you.

Best wishes.

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