In Addition to Being High After 6 Days, Which I Understand to Be Normal Theft Seem to Be Under my Arm As Well? (photo)

Is Ths Normal?

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High riding implants

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Breast implants stay high for 4- 6 weeks, and then they drop to where your breast will look better.

But sometimes you have to wait 6 months before they are in the final position.

Right now you should not worry because your only 6 days postop.

Every week they should gradually drop and look better.

Breast implants that drop fast, don't look good in the long run.

So be patient!



Breast augmentation

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Hi there

Thank you for the post. It is quite normal to have swelling in the first few weeks and in the main this will settle down. I am sure your surgeon will be able to provide reassurance when you are reviewed.

Take care

Paul Banwell, London UK

All Normal

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At six day post surgery, everything you are experiencing is normal.  Everything will look high and tight and "weird" for a bit. Just follow the directions from your surgeon. All the best to you!

James E. Murphy, MD, FACS
Reno Plastic Surgeon
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