Improving Side Profile with Teeth Extraction/braces & Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi, I really want to improve my side profile, so I attached a photo of my current side profile and a photoshopped pic that I want my side profile to look like. My question is: is it possible to move my upper lip back that much by only extracting 4 premolars? I've heard that the lip moves 1/2 the distance the teeth moves back, but how many mm does the teeth move back? And should I extract first or second premolars?

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Your lower face looks out of harmony to me.  I would suggest that you visit with an oral surgeon and get cephalometric studies.  These are X-rays that are evaluated as to angles and lengths between landmarks.  Although extractions and braces may be indicated, you may also benefit from movement of jaw bones to optimize function as well as form.  I would get fully evaluated before I had anything permanent like extractions done.

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