Improving loose skin on neck

I am a 23 year old male in good physical shape with a total body fat percentage of around 10%. My concern is that throughout mt life my neck has always appearee loose and I actually have this ability to inflate my neck with air. I have not heard of anyone else being able to do this and I don't believe I need surgery. I was just not sure how to tighten my neck line. (Normal picture and inflated picture included).

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Loose neck skin at age 23

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At age 23 there is no loose skin on the neck.  Inflating the neck with air is probably the result of a laryngocele.  Laryngoceles should be surgically removed, and are a functional problem not related to a cosmetic issue in the neck.  

Neck lift with or without facelift for saggy neck skin

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I cannot inflate my neck like that and no one I know can do it either. Given your low percentage of total body fat and your age this would all appear to be due to loose muscles between the floor of your mouth and horizontal portion of your neck (muscles that connect the jaw bone to the hyoid bone in the neck). A skin surgery or liposuction will not correct this. A suture sling across the neck at the junction of the horizontal and vertical portions might help this but will not cure it.

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Tightening Neck Skin

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The most effective way to tighten the neck would be with a neck lift.  This would tighten the underlying muscles and remove any extra skin.  However, at such a young age, this is a radical solution.  Other options which are less invasive, depending on your anatomy evaluated during your consultation would be liposuction with or without a trampoline lift.


Good Luck.

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