Improving Breast Tissue Attached to Pectoral Muscles with Fat Grafting? (photo)

Hello. I'm experiencing animation deformity much like this patient, :( Having some difficulty with my moving pectorals, I've been consulting with a doctor to improve this issue. Apparently, the area of attachment is quite large so he recommends using fat grafting to separate breast tissues and muscle. He is not 100% sure that this will work; while I wonder if it may work at all - will fat grafting help my situation to any degree? Please reply.

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Animation deformity and fat grafting?

An animation deformity can happen with implants below the muscle.  I do not think that fat grafting wil resolve this issue. Sometimes placing the implant over the muscle under the gland can help improve this condition.

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Fat grafting and animation deformities

is unpredictable in its efficacy.  The results really depend on how much releasing of the breast tissue from the muscle is done.  You would also have to accept the risks of fat grafting which are considerable.  Its really hard to comment constructively without the ability for a physical exam.  If your doctor isn't 100% sure, you should know what his/her revision policy is as it is likely you will be needing something else done to achieve your results.

Curtis Wong, MD
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