Any Improvements on Approach to Ptosis Surgery?

Are there plans to improve upon to the visible results of ptosis surgery? For example: 1. Creating a normal looking result that permits enough of the lid to hang down so it will close and allow the person to blink without severe squinting or sleeping with their eyes open 2. Location of the connection of the sling to the forehead muscle so scars/dimpling are hidden? (wondering if they can be hidden in eyebrows) I'm on the fence on whether to redo, undo the surgery I had many years ago. Thanks!

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Severe ptosis correction surgery

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The surgery you are referring to is designed for the most severe form of ptosis where the eyelid will raise less than 4mm.  In many cases the eyelid muscle (levator) is scarred and won't allow the eyelid to fully lower either.  The compromise we as surgeons have had to adopt is raising the eyelid above the pupil with a sling, relying on the patient to bring additional lift with the forehead muscles. A few physicians use an implanted spring, which similarly holds up the eyelid, but theoretically can allow forced closure.  In my experience, both have similar results and the sling is easier to place, adjust, and less likely to be infected.  The scars associated with the sling are a problem. If you already have scarring, these could be excised at the time of revision and may become thinner.  I haven't seen it done, but theoretically the sling could be placed through careful dissection by way of an eyelid crease incision only.  You may be on to something.


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