Not Much Improvement After Initial V-Beam Treatment

Hi, I had my VBeam last month and I still don't see much improvement in redness of my acne scars. Does it take more treatments to expect any improvement in redness.? does Vbeam really work on redness on old acne scars?

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Additional v beam treatments

You may just need another treatment with slightly more agressive settings. The pulse duration can be shortened and increased fluence may cause better absorption and breakdown of the vessels.

Dr. Malouf

Dallas Dermatologist
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V Beam Laser

The V beam laser is a form of pulse dye laser  and is generally very effective for vascular lesions like telangiectasias or larger areas like port wine stains.  Several treatments are typical in treating redness and/or Rosacea-related telangiectasias.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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