How to Improve a Wide Bulbous Nose? (photo)

I don't want to change any ethnic characteristics, I just want it to look a bit smaller and cuter. I think Marina Diamandis' nose is perfect, is there any way mine can look like hers?

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Correction of a wide and bulbous nose

Your question is a very common one and from wjhat I can tell from the images the nasal tip is somewhat wide and perhaps slightly ill defined.  The width of the nose down low, the "alar base" is may also be slightly wide.   There are techniques where a gentle trim of the some of the cartilage of the tip and employing sutures to help cinch the nasal tip cartilages together will be quite helpful  There are techniques as well to slightly narrow each of the left and right nostrils down low.  Now, the important part, is that depending on your ethnicity and other facial features narrowing the nose may need to be very conservative.  I would recommend you take that into consideration when you consult with your surgeon.  I also recommend they have considerable training and experience in rhinoplasty.

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How to Improve a Wide Bulbous Nose?

Rhinoplasty surgery can improve the areas that concern you. Since you have a certain nasal shape that appeals to you, I would recommend consulting with a highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and present with those photos. Refining the nose while maintaining ethnic characteristics takes significant experience. Ensure that your chosen surgeon can show you photos of patients with similar concerns and post-surgery photos that appeal to you. 

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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How to Improve a Wide Bulbous Nose?

Dear Leone,

thank you for your question and photos.  You can certainly reduce the size of the tip without changing the overall shape of the nose or tip.  There are quite a few rhinoplasty surgeons that specialize in ethnic noses.  Seek consultations with these surgeons and view their before and after photos, keeping your desires in mind, and choose a surgeon that matches your goal.

Best Wishes, 

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Wide Bulbous Nose

The entire nasal pyramid can be narrowed and refined. There are multiple techniques which are used to meet the specific needs of each patient. Consult with an experienced surgeon to discuss your alternatives and establish reasonable expectations.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How to Improve a Wide Bulbous Nose?

You will need a Tip Rhinoplasty to refine the tip by precise and careful trimming of excess cartilage and the judicious use of sutures to shape the cartilage. You should consult with a Plastic Surgeon with expertise in Rhinoplasty.

All the best

Naveen Somia, MBBS, PhD, FRACS
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How to Improve a Wide Bulbous Nose?

        The tip can be refined through a closed approach to create a nice improvement with reduced downtime.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Wide bulbous tip refinement with rhinoplasty.

Wide bulbous tip refinement with rhinoplasty can give your nose better proportion, etc. You need to discuss these with a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for the best results.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Nasal Tip Refinement

Each nasal tip is a bit different.To optimize the shape of your nasal tip I would recommenced a resection of the lower lateral cartilages combine with  a plication of the lower lateral cartilages.

Jay M. Pensler, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty for wide bulbous tip

  The wide bulbous nasal tip is best addressed with tip suturing techniques to the nasal tip cartilages and conservative tip cartilage removal on the sides of the tip, and occasionally had adding cartilage to the point of the tip to give more projection.  this can be accomplished by  closed rhinoplasty techniques.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Wide Bulbous Tip

Refinement of the tip together with narrowing of the nose and Alar Repositing to reduce the nasa base will refine the overall look of your nose without drastically changing your face. Consult with a surgeon who is experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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