What Can I Do to Improve the Look of my Nose at Age 16?

hi im 15 years old right now and this summer in june i turn 16.. and i really want to get a rhinoplasty. my nose doesnt fit with my face at all. so this summer i want to get one. is it possible? what do you think should be done to improve the look of my nose? i have a very long tip. my nose is just way to big for my face and the front kind of looks crooked.

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What Can I Do to Improve the Look of my Nose at Age 16?

  Please share this answer wth your parents.  The picture show a dorsal hump with wide tip cartilages.  The hump can be reduced, nasal bones narrowed and the nasal tip refined with a closed Rhinoplasty.  Have a consultation (bring yoiur parents) with an experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon that understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal beauty) for the creation of a naturally, more attractive nose.

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Female Rhinoplasty at Age 16

With your parents permission and blessings, you can have a rhinoplasty at age 16. The pictures are not ideal, but your nose needs to be reduced and the tip projection decreased to refine your nose and bring it into proportion with the rest of your facial features.

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Thank you for re-submtting your post with more photos. Unfortunately the addition of only a right oblique view is still inadequate to give you specific recommendations but it is clear that some nasal tip cartilage reduction will give you a more proportional nose. You will need to see a qualified surgeon face to face though to know what the specifics of surgery would be. The sooner you broach this subject with your parents the better prepared and more likely they will be to consent to letting you have the surgery.

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I think you asked this  question somewhere else, but if you are of adult size and have your parents permission, you  can have a rhinoplasty.

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Rhinoplasty at what age


The photos don't quite tell the whole story, but it appears you have very well developed cartilage at the tip of your nose (the lower lateral cartilages).  I will consider rhinoplasty on a 16 year old girl and an 18 year old boy.  This tends to be the practice of most surgeons so at your current age, it would be appropriate to disucess the possibilities with a surgeon.  The lower lateral cartilages can be reduced.

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What can be done for my nose?

You can certainly have nice refinement and reduction. You and your parents should schedule consultations with several surgeons and get some ideas. Computer imaging may be helpful to you in picturing the change.

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With your parent's consent, you may want to consult several Rhinoplasty specialists to see what might be best for you.

I read your concerns. It seems like you posted 3 identical oblique photos, and one from above. These photos make it difficult to advise you as to what might look best. Feel free to re-post your question with a frontal, oblique, and side-view of your face for the RealSelf experts to review and comment on. Dr. Joseph

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