What Would You Do to Improve the Overall Look of my Nose? (photo)

I suffered a broken nose a few years ago and have since noticed a slight "hump" on my nose that has made me self-conscious for some time now. I know that correcting this can be more complicated than just shaving off the hump & may require other procedures to be done as well. With this in mind, what procedures would you recommend be done to correct this issue? What questions should I keep in mind when consulting my plastic surgeon? Thanks for your time! (I have attached pictures below.)

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Improving overall appearance of a broken nose

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The rhinoplasty procedure is customized to fit each individual nose.  All of the surgery can be performed through a closed rhinoplasty technique whereby the hump is removed.  The nose can be shortened slightly and then osteotomies can be performed to narrow the mid-portion of the bridge.  There are multiple tip techniques that are used to remove cartilage, refine and narrow the tip depending upon the patient’s issues.  It is important to go to a facial plastic surgeon that has dedicated their practice to rhinoplasty since the rhinoplasty operation is the most difficult procedure to perform in the entire field of cosmetic surgery.  Make sure your rhinoplasty will be performed under a general anesthesia by a board certified anesthesiologist in a Medicare certified ambulatory surgery center.

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Challenges in Male Rhinoplasty

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You are correct in that your nose does have some challenges to it. So long as you meet several rhinoplasty experts and go with your gut, you should be fine.  You should consider a phone virtual consult for more details. In general terms you require:

--Soft tissue and skin debulking

--Hump reduction

-Reduction of your bridge and tip ("de-projection")

-Re-shaping of your tip (re-arrangement and tip grafts): This is where the true artistry of your surgeon comes in to play!

-Infratip and columellar augmentation with subtle tip raising

-Narrowing of your nasal bridge and alar reduction

Good luck in your search. Remember that the nose is the CENTER of your face and it is common to have to travel to find the right surgeon. Do not rush into this.

Dr Ghavami


Ashkan Ghavami, MD
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What do you want done.

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Don't worry about complicated. That is our problem, we are the experts in doing the surgery, you need to look at your nose and decide what you don't like and then talk to your board certified plastic surgeon and agree on what should be done. It is all easy when you are an experienced surgeon.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Nasal fracture

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To take down the bump it may be both bone and cartilage.  Other work can be done depending upon your interests.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Improving Appearance after Broken Nose

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In addition to improving your bridge profile by removing the hump,  your nose including the tip can be narrowed and refined. You will have to be patient after surgery because healing will take longer in a patient like you with thick skin. Any breathing obstruction secondary to the fracture should be evaluated and treated during the operation. You should see a Dermatologist to treat your skin before surgery which will improve your result. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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