How Can I Improve the Jawline? (photo)

I'm wondering how can I improve the look of the far edges of the jawline? I am 24 years old and I am the boy in the picture 1. I want my features more "strong" like the man in the picture 2. In my profile (side) view I want to improve the edges of the jawline (with the neck). Liposuction, implants...?? Please help me. Let me know. Thanks!

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Options to improve jawline

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Jaw line improvement is best performed with a neck lift where maximum visualization and sculpting of the jaw and neckline can occur.  This is done through a 1-inch incision underneath the chin and two 0.5-inch incisions behind the ears to create more definition in the jaw line.  In addition, the anterior platysmal muscles are sewn together above the Adam’s apple to create a nice 90-degree angle jaw line.  Mandibular implants are synthetic implants placed through the mouth over the mandible to give a square jawed appearance.  A neck lift and mandibular implants can be done at the same time or independently depending on the patient’s needs, wishes, and desires.  

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