Can Stretch Marks Be Improved Through Breast Augmentation?

I'm considering breast reduction, and I'm hoping that the procedure will not only improve my breast size but the stretch marks as well. I understand that stretch marks never completely leave, but any consolation will do. Can having breast implants improve the appearance of stretch marks? Mine are very light, and hopefully won't be too much of a problem.

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Stretch marks and breast implant augmentation surgery

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It is suprisingly rare to see stretch marks from breast implant surgery. On occasion existing stretch marks can become more red. In many instances the stretch marks actually improve in appearance. You can test this out by stretching out any existing striae on your breast and assessing their appearance.

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Breast implants and stretch marks

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Increasing the size of your breasts with implants may help to soften the appearance of the stretch marks. However, over time the swelling will go away after the surgery and the implants may start to droop. Your stretch marks may then return and could even be more severe. So, having breast implants placed just to help eliminate the stretch may not be the best idea. Unfortunately, there really isn't a good way to get rid of stretch marks anywhere on the body. I encourage you to look at some before and after pictures to see if a breast augmentation will accomplish all of your goals.

Breast augmentation and stretch marks

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Thank you for your question.  Stretch marks are, in reality, scars of the dermal (thick underside) layer of the skin.  As such, there is no treatment (other than removing the involved skin) that will make them completely vanish.  Breast augmentation will likely stretch and spread the stretch-marked skin to some degree.  This can often lessen and improve their overall appearance.

Stretch marks post op

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In my practice, Stretch Marks are rarely a result of breast augmentation. In the thousands I have done it is hare to remember but one or two that may have developed them. In some cases looking closely as the preoperative photos they were already there but just became transiently pink and more noticeable because of the normal increase of blood flow to the area after any surgery.
The things I can think of that may make you more prone to this is if you are on steroids, certain endocrine conditions such as Cushing's syndrome and others, associated with a larger weight gain and light colored skin.

Stretch Marks and What Can Be Done

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Stretch marks are a significant source of anxiety for patients who are contemplating cosmetic breast surgery. These patients are hopeful that surgery will improve their stretch marks, but are fearful that surgery will actually make them look worse.

When breast lifts and breast reductions are performed, skin is actually removed. When this skin contains stretch marks dramatic improvement isn’t unusual. Unfortunately, breast augmentation alone doesn’t remove skin or stretch marks.

For the most part, breast augmentation has no significant impact on stretch marks. Occasionally skin stretching, caused by the underlying breast implant can make stretch marks less apparent, but this response is highly variable. In some cases, stretch marks can develop a reddish discoloration following this procedure and can actually become more noticeable.

Furthermore, there is no widely accepted treatment that actually removes them. This is a problem that patients have to live with until new technology is developed.

It’s unusual for patients who don’t have stretch marks to develop them following breast augmentation. This is especially true if the implants are placed beneath the muscle.

Consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon might be helpful. This surgeon after performing a physical examination might be able to further define your risk benefit ratio for these procedures.


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Breast augmentation tends to soften the appearance of stretch marks, since the added volume will stretch out the skin, thereby stretch out the marks as well so that they aren't as dark. However, sometimes it can make them worse since your skin may develop more as a result of the added volume.

Breast implants may worsen stretch marks, breast reduction may help

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Breast implants can, rarely, cause stretch marks. They may also worsen existing stretch marks.

Breast reduction can help if the skin that is removed during breast reduction contains the stretch marks. Also, if the breast is lifted during reduction and there is less stretching of the skin, the marks may look less wide.

If stretch marks are left after the reduction mammaplasty, there is a specific laser treatment that can help stretch marks.

Can stretch marks be improved through breast augmentation

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Dear Todliche,


A stretch mark is an actual tear in the dermis that gradually heals the way scars do. As a result, as skin stretches, superficial scars and stretch marks, lacking the tensile strength of normal skin, stretch more.

in my experience, an augmentation will NOT improve the appearance of stretch marks and MAY make some worse (especially immature stretch marks which are still pink).

Breast Reduction and Breast Lift, remove specific areas of excess skin allowing the repositioning of the breast to a more attractive and youthful position on the chest wall. If the skin which has to be removed happens to be the skin with the highest concentration of stretch marks, you WILL have a significant reduction in stretch marks.

I hope this was helpful.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Stretch marks don't go away unless they are removed

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A stretch mark is an actual tear in the dermis of the skin and after it goes through it's healing process, commonly fades. There are times when a breast implant can stretch them out a bit and make them somewhat less noticible but they don't go away.

Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon prior to any surgery.

Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

Stretch marks and augmentation

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In my experience breast augmentation usually has no effect on the stretch marks. A breast reduction can remove some of the stretch marks, but even that technique is somewhat limited. A breast reduction will reduce the size of your breast and re-position the nipple. Depending on what your breasts look like this may be an options for you.

Michael Diaz, MD
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

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