Is it possible to improve significantly my face? (photo)

I am 19 years old and I am not hurry, but I would like to have a series of procedures planned. I think about getting: a rhinoplasty, a chin augmentation, a jaw enhancement, a cheek augmentation; and maybe: a small lips reduction, a canthoplaxy (blepharoplasty?), and a hairline lowering. In which order should I take them? The cheek augmentation will improve my eyes lower format? Is it safe to do these eyes aesthetic interventions? How many different specialists should I consult?

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Is it possible to improve significantly my face?

Hallo Thales.
When I look at your face and read all you want changed on it, then I must honestly say that you most probably suffer from dysmorphobia, as you don’t have a face needing correction. The only thing that would be possibly justifiable is a correction of the nose, i.e. a straightening of the dorsum of the nose. However, a slightly bent dorsum of the nose, as you have, is generally regarded in the white population as a male trait, so that most men with such noses do not wish to have them corrected.

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