What Do You Recommend To Correct My Smile? (photo)

I hate my teeth soooo much, OMG you have no idea. They're so small. I'm 20 years old, and I have baby teeth. It's so embarrassing. It just lowers my self esteem. What should I get to improve my smile? I want a procedure that is LONG lasting.

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Love your smile..

  I see your frustration with your smile.  I would short term  braces to open up your bite. that means that you will be able to see the lower teeth when you smile and it will balance your smile. It also appears that you would need some gum surgery to contour the gum line, by doing this it  will make your teeth longer .  I would also recommend a zoom whitening to brighten your smile and then place lumineers to finish of your movie star smile.

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Small teeth and I don't like my smile!

Hello! I see your frustration with your smile. For the best results... I would first recommend braces to open up your bite. that means that you will be able to see the lower teeth when you smile and it will balance your smile ( upper teeth and lwer teeth). Second, need some gum surgery ( this could be minor or major- hard to say without a clinical exam) . removing the gums will make your teeth longer  .    As a possible third step, you can do veneers on your front teeth and make them even bigger and longer for esthetics~!  The result will make you very happy




Mojdah Akhavan, DDS
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A forever solution

I can hear in you question that you are truly suffering and really want to let the happy person inside you shine without being self conscious about your smile.  I see several issues about your smile that I would like to discuss with you.  First is the gummy smile that I am sure is your major concern, and your teeth look very small.  Secondly, I see that you have a very deep overbite ( meaning the upper front teeth come down too far over the lower front teeth). I can also see that because your teeth are inclined inward that your smile has the appearance of being narrow and doesn't look quite wide enough when you smile ( to put it another way, your molars don't fill out your cheeks when you smile).  I would like to see a profile photo to get some sense of the relationship of the lower 1/3 of your face to the rest of your face.

Ok,  now for some good news.  You can have the beautiful smile you want and deserve, and here is where you start.  Interview several orthodontists and ask your friends for a good referral.  This orthodontist is about to become an important member of a team whose goal is  getting your smile corrected.  The orthodontist will intrude (push up)  your four upper front teeth so they don't hang down so far, and also widen your arches.  He/she will also correct your bite along the way.   After the braces have been removed  find a good cosmetic dentist ( do some interviewing here also ) because you will want him/her to join your team, along with a periodontist ( gum specialist).  These two additional team members are going to work together to fix the problem of your short appearing front teeth. Truth is the front teeth may not be short at all, just covered up with gum tissue and bone.  These doctors will remove the excess gum and or bone ( I know this sounds scary but it is really easy from the patients perspective) and give you the proper length-width ratio of your front teeth. By the way, the proper ratio is when your teeth are taller than they are wide ( a 1 to 1.6 ratio) . Now in the event that the front teeth are a bit shorter that you like you can have veneers place on your front teeth to lengthen them, but I am betting you won't need veneers.

OK... now it is your turn to go into action.....  I hope you choose to give the world the gift of "your best self" and let the special person inside you reach her full potential.   Good Luck

Enhancing short teeth and a gummy smile

From the photo you posted, I can see that you need to show more teeth at the gum level. This can be done by several means. Bone removal, gum removal, orthodontic super eruption of the anterior teeth . After that you need to elongate the teeth by veneers. Bonding will NOT give you the best result. They change color, for your teeth to be bonded due to their inward  tilting, the teeth get ,much thicker , and not very aesthetic.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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Small teeth, gummy smile

From just these pictures, it looks like you would benefit from a gum lift.  Depending on how close the bone is to the surface of the gums will determine if it would be a simple gum lift with a laser, or if a more advanced technique that required removal of the surface layer of bone needs to be done.  Visit a qualified dentist who can measure the amount of excess gum tissue to determine which technique you would need. 

Andrew Soulimiotis, DMD, FAGD
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Smile Makeover

From the photos, I would suggest that we do some gum re-contouring with crown lengthening. This would improve the gummy smile and then possible do veneers. This would give you an amazing smile.

Phillip Kemp, DDS
Brentwood Dentist
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How to Correct your "small teeth" smile

From your photos, it appears like you would benefit from a gum procedure (periodontal) called "crown lengthening", usually done with a laser, to increase the height of your upper front teeth. That might be enough, and is very long lasting/permanent. If that is not enough, then you might benefit from porcelain veneers as well.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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